Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Preparing the Sanctuary for Sunday

I know you have all been waiting (im)patiently to see the results of the sanctuary repair and repainting.  Well, here's your chance!   On this coming Thursday and Friday, beginning at 9 AM, we will gather to do the final cleaning of the sanctuary to prepare it for services on Sunday, 25 February.  


We will be wiping down all of the pews, window sills, woodwork....anything that has dust on it.  I expect we will go through many buckets of water and Murphy's Oil Soap.  Yes, this will be cleaning the old fashioned way......meticulously and thoroughly, because construction dust gets into the craziest places.


Please bring rubber gloves (if you use them), a bucket, scrub rags, Q-tips, small soft paint brushes (clean) and your favorite clean dusting cloths.  We will provide the water, the dust and the oil soap.


In order to plan accordingly, please let me know who will be available and on which day.


Many hands will make light work....and it's fun when you have folks to work with.


Take care...I look forward to hearing from you.


Donna Swanson  nh9kids@ao.com


Please note that we are also looking for help on Saturday morning at 10:00am to bring bibles, hymnals, etc. back to the sanctuary and get everything ready for Sunday.  Your help is greatly appreciated.


Pastor Rich

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