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October 21, 2018 Mainstreeter Online

October 21, 2018
 A Word from the Pastor

"O, taste and see that the Lord is Good"
Psalm 34:8
Having grown up in a home where spices were rarely if ever used in cooking, I have been a very late bloomer when it comes to eating and enjoying spicy food. In fact, it wasn't until I was in my 60's that I began to use even so basic a spice as black pepper. Prior to that time I would have said that I just didn't like it. At some point though I decided to use pepper on something that I was eating and lo and behold, I discovered that it tasted really good!  What a surprise? Why had I waited so long to make this discovery?

The Psalmist reminds us that this same reality is true when it comes to the spiritual life. Sometimes we just have to step out on a limb and "taste and see" what there is to offer in the world of spiritual spices. Have you convinced yourself that reading the sacred scriptures is beyond your capability? Taste and see. Have you been reluctant to experiment with forms of prayer other than what you have grown up with? Taste and see. Have you thought about incorporating meditation into your life but have been hesitant to do so? Taste and see. Have you heard about that "chair" yoga class here at church and thought that's not for me? Taste and see. 

There is a saying that goes like this, "variety is the spice of life". As we think about the spiritual life to which we have all been called variety is also of great value. You may discover that there are spiritual practices that enable you to experience God in ways you could not have imagined before. So, taste and see what might heighten your awareness of the divine presence in your life and yes, spice things up!
Worship Ahead
10/28     The 23rd Sunday after Pentecost
              Reformation Sunday
              Scripture:  Psalm 34:1-8; Mark 10:46-52
Theme: "Seeing and Following Jesus"- There are many ways of seeing. The Psalmist declares, "O taste and see that the Lord is good" reminding us that it takes all of our senses to truly experience the divine presence in our lives. Likewise, Jesus heals the blind Bartimaeus so that seeing, he may also "follow Jesus on the way." How is your sight these days? Are you seeing clear enough to likewise follow Jesus?
Stewardship Reminder
Many thanks to everyone who has filled out their pledge card in support of the mission and ministry of the church in 2019. Today we dedicated them to God during our Consecration Sunday worship service. Your generous commitment for the programs of the church is greatly appreciated. It is not too late (and never is) to make your pledge if you have not done so as yet. Extra pledge cards can be found at the rear of the sanctuary or can be sent to you if you request one from the church office. The office phone number is 882-3361 or e-mail at  Thank you in advance for your attention to this reminder.
F Troop Pumpkin Festival

Saturday October 27, 2018
6:00pm Church Vestry
              Pumpkins and pumpkin treats will abound at the F Troop Pumpkin Festival!
              The  F Troop is our over 40 fellowship group here at Main Street and we
              invite you to join us for a potluck dinner featuring pumpkin pies and
              breads, and whatever pumpkin treats our members would like to bring. 
              (If you don't like pumpkin there will be plenty of other good things to
              eat as well.)  It will also be a GAME NIGHT, so bring your favorite
              party  game and be prepared for a howling good time (I had to put in a
              nod to Halloween somewhere!) A sign up sheet will be posted on the
              bulletin board under the clock in the vestry-we hope to see you there.

             -submitted by Mavis Pyle
CROP Hunger Walk
In this 34th year of the CROP Hunger Walk in Nashua, we will step out from Temple Beth Abraham at 1:30 on Sunday, October 28 to fight hunger in Nashua and beyond. The missions committee will provide a lunch for walkers, so just come to church ready to walk!  If you haven't signed up yet, you can still do it on Sunday, October 28, and walk with our Main Street group. You can raise money for CROP online by going to and clicking on the CROP stop sign, then find the Main Street UMC team! Add yourself if you want to walk, supporting the whole team! If you signed up to sponsor our CROP walk team, give your check to Nonny by October 28 since it must be turned in that day. If it's too late to do that, please support us online.

-submitted by Phyllis Applier 
Update on the Spirituality Group

The Spirituality Group meeting (SGM) has come to stay. It is one of the outcomes of our active participation, as church, in addressing the issues that continue to impact the total well-being of our present-day community; the Cafe Agape being one of such avenues for daily interaction.

The total registration is now eleven people, who currently show up at the weekly meetings, at their own pace, subject to the flexibility of each one's schedule. Members are always meeting with the conviviality that is expected of the group. 

Blessings! 🙏💒🙏
Nonny Egbuonu
Craft Workshop for Fair
Friday, Oct. 26
10-2:00 church vestry
Join us as we gather to make decorated candles, fall arrangements and wreaths. Materials will be supplied but bring favorite scissors, tweezers, glue gun, thick tacky glue if you have them. Drop in as you are able or bring your lunch and stay the full time. Contact Pam Breniser at with any questions.
What do you know?

How good are you with important facts? For example, when was lexan (a polycarbonate sheet) installed to cover and protect our beautiful stained glass windows?
  • 1959
  • 1962
  • 1975
  • 1981
Click below for the answer. 
Outline History of MSUMC
Historic Tidbit

With this year being our 150th Anniversary, the Anniversary Committee has gathered historic quotes to share, taken from Methodism in Nashua, 1831-1982, by J. Lawrence Hall. We will include one with each Mainstreeter Online.
[Sometime around 1956] "a committee had been formed to explore the propriety of locating at another site. Several sites were considered but eventually refused as not completely fulfilling all the anticipated needs such as we had at Main Street…In desperation, and the need of additional classroom space, it was finally agreed that a new effort should be directed to make "soundings" to determine the extent to which excavation could be accomplished. The Fortescue Construction Company completed the research and to the surprise of all, no rock or ledge existed beneath the church."
"Again the advisability of spending additional money at the Main Street site with all its 'ills' was paramount. The cost of a new church would have been over $300,000.00 as a minimum Tracy and Hildreth, architects, were authorized to make 'plan' drawings of the proposed alterations. These were photographed on slides and later projected on the screen so all could see and discuss the pros and cons at our meetings."
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