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Mainstreeter Blast May 27, 2021

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Fellowship Virtual Coffee Hour

Be sure to join us for our Virtual Coffee Hour and Fellowship Time following the 10:30 am service.  We look forward to seeing you there!
A Message from Pastor Kelly

I have dreamed about the Sunday when I could worship with parishioners in my presence in the MSUMC sanctuary for over a year. So I'm grateful for the 23 folks who came on Sunday for our early, indoor Pentecost service. And we heard the concern from many of you about offering indoor worship and there's no pressure to come back in the building before you're ready. We get that some of you are trained to show up whenever the building is open but we support your decision to wait until it's right for you.

We assure you that worship happens at MSUMC whether you're able to be physically present or not. We worship on your behalf. We gather in-person on the first Sunday of the month in the garden, and we gather online every Sunday. Having discussed the service with those who gathered in the parking lot at the end of worship to share communion, we know that it was a blessing even in the very limited, very different, very tentative way.

The Safety Team appreciated parishioners' willingness to follow the safety protocols like answering health questions, having their temperature taken, wearing masks, being seated by ushers and keeping physical distancing. We're not yet able to move around to pass the peace, pass the plates, sing in each other's presence. And there are other "in-person" activities like spoken prayers of the people that don't translate into streaming services.

Know that the Safety and Worship Teams are working hard to find ways to mitigate the risk and make it possible for those who want to, to be in the sanctuary as we create our online, streaming worship experience which has enjoyed greater reach and creativity.

When we do find a way to make our indoor gatherings a more regular activity, I trust that you will continue to be gracious about wearing masks and safety protocols so that all ages, those who aren't vaccinated and those who are immuno-compromised will feel welcome. Those of us who call ourselves Christian need to model care for others. We must lay down our own preferences and care for the most vulnerable. We would not make families with children feel bad for wanting to bring their kids here with a bad attitude about the safety measures. We would not model a way that is less than Christian by insisting on our own way, or being bitter or ugly about wearing a mask.

Thanks for your graciousness.

                                                                       -Pastor Kelly

Peace with Justice Sunday

Through your generous gift on Sunday, May 30th, you encourage living a gospel of peace.  You may donate by adding "Peace with Justice" in the memo line of your donation or you can donate online:
Join Pastor Kelly as we explore high conflict.  High conflict, is what happens when discord distills into a good-versus-evil kind of feud, the kind with an us and a them.  In this state, the normal rules of engagement no longer apply.  The brain behaves differently.  We feel increasingly certain of our own superiority and, at the same time, more and more mystified by the other side.

*Please note the date change to June 2nd.

Meeting ID
Phone Numbers
(‪US‬)‪+1 617-675-4444‬
PIN: ‪785 151 035 7211#‬

For more information contact the church office at office

*If you are interested in an in-person discussion, it is possible to accommodate that request.  Contact the church office.

United Methodist Action Reach-out Mission 2021 Summer Mission  

Main Street UMC will participate in the U.M. ARMY 2021 Summer Mission Virtual Model.  

During the week of Aug 1-6, our church group will be making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate people in new construction, maintenance, and home repairs. The participants will be driving directly from home to the worksite Monday-Friday and working together on the same worksite in either Tyngsborough, Dracut, Chelmsford, or Lowell communities. Daily worship and activities will be offered virtually with other church participants. Please contact the Coordinator of Youth Ministries, Karrie Lam, at if you would like to be a part of it.

Details are as follows:

U.M. ARMY 2021 Summer Mission Virtual Model  

  • Churches from various locations across regions  or U.S. participate virtually.
  • Day camp model .
  • Each participating church is its own "host".
  • U.M. ARMY provides Director, Program     Coordinator, and Sites virtual support.
  • Sites Coordinator available to consult with each church  on potential work sites.
  • Worksites include the Tyngsborough, Dracut, Chelmsford, and Lowell communities.
  • Most of the worksites are within a 20-30 minute drive.
  • Each church is responsible for expenses around  projects, food, and supplemental program materials. Because of the pandemic, U.M. ARMY is not providing meals. Participants will eat breakfast and dinner at home and will bring a bag lunch for each workday. We are also asking each participant to bring a labeled water bottle to use throughout the week. 
  • U.M. ARMY t-shirts and giveaways provided.
  • Work teams are created by each participating church and comprised of  members (adults/youth) from each respective church.
  • Virtual teams, for the purpose of spiritual or social interactions, may be utilized during the week for an opportunity for additional connection across churches.
  •  Access to U.M. ARMY registration system and website for mission week planning and support.
  •  Adults and youth who will finish 6th grade by the end of June 2021 are encouraged to participate. The youth who will finish 3rd & 4th grade are welcome to join with their parents.
  • Cost $200/person (a grant will cover the entire cost for the first 10 people who commit to participate by May 21st).
  • After May 21st, each family will pay $50 regardless of how many in the family.


Tentative Daily Schedule

7:30-8:15 Breakfast & Make Your Lunch

8:15-8:30 Virtual Morning Worship (15-20 minutes)

8:30-9:00 Travel to Worksite 

9:00-12:00  Worksite

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-3:00 Worksite

3:00-4:00 Go home/Take Shower/Relax

4:00-4:40 Virtual Activities (30-40 minutes)

4:40-5:00  Virtual Evening Worship (15-20 minutes)

5:00 The End of the day


(graphic used with permission)

Calling all Graduates!

If you or a family member is graduating from high school or college this spring, your church family would love to know that we can honor your accomplishments! 
Please contact the office at (603 882-3361) or by email 

Go Class of 2021!


Golfers Wanted

$72.00 per golfer
Team and Individual Registration is available
We can use additional support with sponsors.  Personal Hole Sponsors @ $50.00/sign; Corporate Hole Sponsors @ $75.00/sign.  Each sign is 8-1/2 x 11, laminated and attached to a sign board.
For more information, contact Mark Morrissey at:
(603) 244-0738

Vaccination Information
Nashua City Welfare will be hosting a FREE vaccination site on Friday, May 28th from        9 am - 4 pm, at Temple Beth Abraham (4 Raymond St. Nashua) . 
This event is OPEN TO ALL.  
The Johnson & Johnson vaccination will be administered.  You must bring a photo ID.

Home page
Umbrella Pick Up

If you loaned an umbrella for the "Dare to Dance Again" display, you are welcome to stop by the office and pick up your umbrella.  Office hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-1pm.  Please call the office when you arrive and we will be glad to let you in; (603) 882-3361.

Thank you very much to everyone who contributed.  It  was such a creative and beautiful way to share resources and celebrate our Eastertide season.


Mailing Reminder
MSUMC has a P.O. Box to receive our mail.  If you plan to send information/offering to the church please use the following mailing address:

Main Street United Methodist Church
P.O. Box 1517
Nashua, NH 

Thank you!
Join an online conversation with Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim, co-author of "Intersectional Theology." Dr. Kim is professor of theology at Earlham School of Religion in Richmond, Indiana, has written numerous books and articles on the social and religious experiences of Korean women in North America. The event, which takes place from 9:30 a.m. to noon on May 29, 2021, is hosted by the North Shore Regional Hub of the Commonwealth East District. It is sponsored by the Conference Commission on Religion and Race (CCORR) and the Provisional Leadership Academy.
Registration Link

April 2021 Finance Snapshot:


General Fund (GF)
Total GF Income Received as of 4/30/2021:              $162,040.31*
Total GF Income Budgeted through 4/30/2021:      $147,596.00 
Total GF Expenses Paid through 4/30/2021:             $137,379.59
Total GF Expenses Budgeted through 4/30/2021:   $154,394.92
*  Includes $9453.00 designated for Heart of Nashua Continued and CARES Act PPP Draw 2 Funds of 
    $35,547.46 received and used for GF expenses.
Notes on General Fund

  • In April we paid one month each of World and New England Mission Shares leaving us a month behind ($1951.26).   We can make this up later in the year.
  • We used Cares Act PPP funds in April for payroll and some utilities and will use the rest in May for one payroll.   This was an immense help in meeting our financial obligations.
  • We are current on other expenses.
Heart of Nashua 1 & 2 (GiF) & HON Cont. (Capital Campaign/Elevator, Connector, Renovations) 
  • Balance Due on HON Loan as of 4/30/2021:  $143,104.57 (Loan was $358,343.45)
  • In April the $1,769.53 monthly payment was paid.  HON Cont. funds on hand 4/30/2021 ($9659.25) will cover payments for five months.
  • Total Paid (including interest) Using HON 1, 2 & Continued as of 4/30/2021:  $1,891,658.12

Funding for the Future, 100 for $150 (Endowment) – Received this year as of 3/31/2021:  $1705.
   Please be one of 100 people or families giving $150 each year (or donate any amount) to grow our endowment for our future.
Parsonage Mortgage – As of 3/9/2021 we owed $68,580.37 on the parsonage.  We are paying $896.22 per month.  At the present rate, the parsonage will be paid off on 1/23/29.  We have been using income from the Scrip's gift card fundraiser program to paydown the principal.  If you wish to donate directly to reduce this balance, please mark donations for parsonage paydown.
Thank You 
    Thank you to all who support this congregation.  Your financial gifts, service and prayers are all appreciated.
How to Help
 Please continue to support us financially if you can.   We will need your help to meet our obligations this year.  Checks may be mailed to Main St. UMC, PO Box 1517, Nashua, NH 03061, Attn.:  Financial Secretary.  Donations may also be made via PayPal, Vanco or by direct deposit to our bank account.   We also accept stock donations.

Pastor's Sabbath Days:
Pastor Kelly: Tuesday
Pastor Kristy: Friday

Days to Reach Pastors
Pastor Kelly: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Pastor Kristy: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Mainstreet United Methodist Church · PO Box 1517 · Nashua, NH 03061-1517 · USA

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