Friday, March 24, 2023

Mainstreeter Weekly Blast March 23, 2023

Mainstreeter Online Weekly Blast

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There's so much energy and excitement buzzing around MSUMC these days. We have visitors every week, multi-racial families seeking us out, parents wanting their children baptized into a welcoming community, community organizers seeking out our help opposing an asphalt plant, a new green church initiative in the region that we're a leading part of, the development of a new church photo directory, the renewed activity of the NH Council of Churches, and returning groups like the AA groups and the Church of the Power of Resurrection. And of course, lots and lots of you have praised the Roll Down Justice series as inspiring and necessary. Thanks for your encouragement, for your engagement with the reading list, for your vulnerability and willingness to face the world with cultural humility.

We're in this together and it's exciting as we move forward toward our all-church History & Visioning Event on May 7 (put it on your calendar!)

--Pastor Kelly

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A new Vestry Class is starting April 2nd at 9:00 a.m., running through June 11th. (No class on Easter Sunday.)

Hearing a lot of buzz about the "end times" these days? Join us as we explore Craig C Hill's study, "In God's Time," which explores the way the Bible talks about the future from a perspective of mainstream Biblical scholarship. (Hint: the Bible does not give a roadmap for predicting the end of the world!) (Second hint: the Bible does not predict an end to the world!)

Led by Paul Pederzani and Pastor Kristy, group members will watch a video and then discuss. The group is always lively and all are welcome, either in person or online. Here's the zoom link:

For those who wish to supplement their personal study (not required), the accompanying book is available. A copy or two will be available on Sunday, with three more on order, and you can order your own (new or used) on amazon or through a bookseller of your choice:

We look forward to seeing you there!

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