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Mainstreeter Blast March 3, 2022

Click here for the March 6th 2022  Bulletin

Fellowship Virtual Coffee Hour

Be sure to join us for our Virtual Coffee Hour and Fellowship Time following the 10:30 am service. 
We look forward to seeing you there!
A Message from Pastor Kelly

Support Ukraine through gifts to UMCOR
The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), the humanitarian relief arm of Global Ministries, is taking part in the humanitarian response for Ukraine. Support UMCOR's international disaster response efforts by making a gift to
 Advance #982450.  UMCOR: how to assist the Ukrainian people

The Preachers Aid Society of New England is looking for laypersons interested in serving on their board. They're looking for a diverse group of welcoming persons who have expertise in the areas of investment or personnel/human resources. Talk with Pastor Kelly if you may be interested.

Charge Conference
As District Superintendent of the Granite District of The United Methodist Church I hereby give permission,
according to ¶246 of the 2016 Book of Discipline, for Main Street United Methodist Church, Nashua, NH to
hold a SPECIAL CHURCH CONFERENCE on  March 28, 2022, at 7:00 pm.

A message from your music director: 

It's time to start thinking about our Palm Sunday choir cantata! Worried about all the tech involved in virtual choir pieces? No problem! We are hoping to do recording sessions LIVE and in-person!

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this google form:

We would love to add your voice to the group!

Are you looking for something POSITIVE to do?  Here's a simple way we Mainstreeters can brighten the day of our
local school staff, who have worked so hard over these past two years:

United Way of Greater Nashua is planning a week of appreciation for all of the teachers, paras, guidance counselors,
school psychologists, nurses, custodians, food service employees, and administrators during the week following school vacation.

We'll be sending volunteers to schools from 7am to 9am every morning from Tuesday, March 8th to Friday, March 11th
 while staff are arriving at the building to cheer them on and to give each person a small gift and thank you card.
Volunteers will be encouraged to make "Thank You" signs!

We have a MSUMC team and if you would like to join us on March 9th from 7-9 am, please contact Natasha Drew in the Main Office at (603) 882-3361 or

The distribution time at each school will vary within the 7am to 9am timeframe based on when staff usually arrives.
Volunteers will likely be at a school for less than an hour. If you can only stay for a short amount of time, we'd still be happy
for your help!

If you cannot join us on March 9th, but would like to sign up for another day please use the contact information and link below.

Please direct questions to Sara Ceaser at 603-4338-2173 or
Wanakee Announces Summer Camp Schedule

The Wanakee 2022 summer camp brochures will be mailed soon. You can register online, by phone (603-279-7950) or by mail.

Click here to view the summer schedule
Click here to register

Interested in working at camp? Learn more about being on staff and apply online at

Missions News for March 2021

Souper Bowl of Caring:  Thank you for dropping off soup and beans and rice at the Nashua Soup Kitchen or at the church or putting a gift in the literal or figurative pot!  Folks at the food pantry were very happy to get them! Thanks to the Graudens family for banging on pots!!


Soup Kitchen Volunteers:  Volunteers are in short supply at the Nashua Soup Kitchen.  As infection numbers go down, we are hoping to resume our regular volunteering and our third Sunday food pantry.

Kits:  UMCOR School Kits will be one of our Lenten projects this year.  It's time to start shopping for the materials for your kit! Plastic bags and directions will be in the lobby at the church, or just use these instructions and your own 2-gallon zip lock bag! Cloth bags are no longer accepted, and avoid camouflage, patriotic, religious, advertising, or cartoon themed items.

  • One pair blunt scissors (Round tip only, no plastic scissors)

  • One box of 24 crayons 

  • Three one-subject notebooks  (No marble composition books or 3 or 5 subject notebooks)

  • One pack of loose-leaf paper (100-200 pages, wide or college ruled)

  • One hand-held pencil sharpener  (1-inch or longer, removed from packaging)

  • One ruler (12 inches or 30 centimeters long, sturdy or flexible material)

  • Six unsharpened pencils

  • One eraser, two inches or larger

  • One two-gallon re-sealable plastic bag

$1 for shipping in a separate envelope.  We will remove it before delivery to Merrimack.

Stack all paper items on top of each other.

Place all loose items on top of paper.

Place kit inside of re-sealable bag and seal.

Plan now to bring kits to church to dedicate on Palm Sunday, April 10.    We will take them to St. James UMC in Merrimack after Easter.

UMCOR Sunday is March 27.  If you want to donate to "keep the lights on" at the United Methodist Committee on Relief, please write UMCOR Sunday on your check.  

Heifer Project:  We managed to have an amazing Easter Tree of Life last spring, and we will do it again!  Please fill out the form with your check and send with your offering with Heifer Project designated or give it directly to a mission's representative at our table in the lobby or vestry.  This year, we are hoping that you can even choose your own animal to hang on our tree to honor or remember a special family member or mentor or friend. The gift of a Heifer animal means even more in these pandemic times.  If you make your gift through instead of directly to the church, please let Phyllis Appler know.  Please be sure that you have chosen your animal by Palm Sunday, April 10th.goose

Please use the following link for the Heifer  donation form::

New Opportunity

The Mayor's office in Nashua is exploring the creation of a Disability Advisory Council to discuss issues and services surrounding Nashuans experiencing different challenges of disability and handicap. And they have reached out to us to see if we have someone from this congregation interested in being put forward for this quarterly group or who would like to have input on their work. Let the office know if you are interested;
UMW in Action/Upcoming Events

March Fundraiser for UMW
Sat. the 12th from 9-2
Nashua Sr. Center

We have a table reserved to sell items at the Nashua Senior Center Indoor Flea Market, so save the date for that.  We will mostly focus on new handmade items.  As we only have one table, we will not be able to put out nearly as much as we do at our fall fairs.  But this is your chance to sell those cute Easter and spring items, no baked goods allowed.  We are focusing on handmade items and they may be dropped off to the vestry meeting room while the church is open NOW - Thurs. March 10th.   Please leave your name and suggested price with items.  Call Pam Breniser at 603 566-2632 or email
at if you have items to donate but aren't available for drop off times.  Also contact Pam if you are interested in helping sort items on Friday March 11th or working the day of the flea market.

UMW March Meeting
Wed. 16th 7 PM, virtual
Presentation about Family Promise

Matt Hodgkiss, Director of Volunteer Engagement and Operations for Family Promise of  Southern NH will join us online to give us some information and answer questions about this great organization that helps families get back on their feet.  Zoom or Google Meet Link will be sent out closer to the date.  Items they have a constant need for are paper towels, toilet paper and baby wipes.  If you would like to donate some they can be dropped off at the church during office hours or on Sundays.


Have Yarn to Donate?

We have several people at Main Street who knit and crochet prayer shawls, baby hats or warm items to be donated like Sandy does, as well as craft items for our fairs.   If you have yarn you aren't using, large or small amounts, any weight or color, feel free to drop it off at the church and it will be passed on to our knitters and crocheters.

New announcement:
Let's Get Ready to WORDLE!!!!!
Wordle is a game trend that is sweeping the nation!  If you already play, then you know how much fun it can be.  MSUMC is going to play a similar word game through Lent with a new word each day.

The Wordle link will be posted every day during Lent on the MSUMC Facebook site:

If Facebook isn't your "thing" and you would still like to play, go to the church website:


Amy C.  and the MMS Drama Club will present "Peter Pan." Amy is one of the Indians and plays adult Wendy in the last scene. Shows are Fri, Apr 1st and Sat, Apr 2nd from 7-9 pm at Merrimack Middle School (31 Madeline Bennett Lane). $10 per ticket. (Here is the link for tickets


January 2022 Financial Snapshot

General Fund (GF)

Total GF Revenue Available 1/31/2022 YTD:           $37,561.84
Total GF Revenue Budgeted through 1/31/2022:   $39,157.74
Total GF Expenses Paid through 1/31/2022:            $36,476.63
Total GF Expenses Budgeted through 1/31/2022:  $40,188.11
Notes on General Fund
Except for Conference mission shares (ministerial support and world and New England missions), we were current on payments due in January.  The missions' bills arrived late, but would not have been paid in January.  In February, we should be able to pay one month of ministerial support ($2344.67) and possibly two.
Heart of Nashua 1 & 2 (GiF) & HON Cont. (Capital Campaign/Elevator, Connector, Renovations) 
-  Balance due on HON Loan as of 1/31/2022:  $130,548.45 (Loan was $358,343.45)
-  In January the monthly payment was paid.  HON Cont. funds on hand 1/31/2022 ($8599.48) will cover payments for about nine months.  
-  The loan was recalculated per our note and the monthly payment has been reduced from $1769.53 to $883.00 effective 2/8/2022 thanks to donations to pay the monthly payment and to pay down the principal and a lower interest rate.  The loan pay off date is 2/8/2039.
-  Total Paid (including interest) Using HON 1, 2 & Continued as of 1/31/2022:  $1,907,583.89
Funding for the Future, 100 for $150 (Endowment) – Received this year as of 1/31/2022:  $620
    Anyone can be one of 100 people or families giving $150 (or any amount) each year to grow our endowment for the future of this church.
Parsonage MortgageAs of 1/31/2022 we owed approximately $61,862.21 on the parsonage.  This loan rate was also recalculated reducing payments to $849.08 per month beginning in February.  The parsonage mortgage will be paid off on 1/23/29.  
Volunteers Needed for Finance Chair Person and Counter
Please consider becoming Finance Chair for the church or joining the counting team.   We are thankful that Deb Luszey offered to be a counter and we are hoping to have another volunteer or two.
Thank You 
Thank you to all who support this congregation by their prayers, service, participation and financial donations.   In January we received at least one pledge in full and about $15,000 toward the Pastor of Discipleship and Service Salary for 2023.  Thank you also for your used ink cartridges which continue to reduce our office supply bills at Staples.
Recent and Current Expenses
We just paid a $974 bill for a furnace circulator pump and installation.  Other recent payments include $265 for our bulk mailing permit and $435.39 for our wastewater invoices.  Liberty Utility bills were over $2700 for the church and Wesley building. 
Pastor's Sabbath Days:
Pastor Kelly: Tuesday
Pastor Kristy: Friday

Days to Reach Pastors
Pastor Kelly: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Pastor Kristy: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Mainstreet United Methodist Church · PO Box 1517 · Nashua, NH 03061-1517 · USA

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