Friday, April 15, 2022

Easter Services Message

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We were blessed at last night's Maundy Thursday's service with several visitors, including folks who have been worshipping with us online and for the first-time joined us in person. They appreciated the safety protocols and mask-wearing that made it possible for them to finally decide to come into the building.

This may happen again on Easter morning as those desperate to get out and reconnect, visitors and members alike, join us for the first-time in person Sunday morning. So please be as friendly as possible, as welcoming as possible. Help folks find the ramp, the elevator, the restrooms. Introduce yourself first. Don't worry if it's a member -- you have the mask to blame on not being able to recognize anyone!! Please don't complain about our mask requirements -- let's not greet one another with negativity but celebrate being together!

If you do encounter a visitor, tell them how glad you are that they joined us. There are newsletters out and visitor cards they can complete if they're willing because we'd like to know who is with us. Invite them to fellowship time rather than direct or demand. And we hope to have a professionally staffed nursery in the future. Make sure to smile at kids and parents and assure them we welcome the wiggle and noise in our services. After 40 days of Lenten quiet it will be fun to have the giggling and energy and even fussing of children back.

Perhaps our social skills have gotten rusty during the pandemic but let's have  fun dusting off those muscles Sunday.

And because we may have lots of visitors on Sunday, if you can come to the earlier service to make room for more folks at the 10:30, feel free to do that.

Also, don't forget to stop by the photo booth located outside in the back of the church.  What a great way to commemorate  Easter and sharing time together!

Happy Easter in advance,
Pastor Kelly


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