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Mainstreeter Weekly Blast October 23, 2023

New in this Issue:

  • Youth Movie Night - This Sunday!

  • All Saints Service - remember those we love.

  • Nursery Volunteers Needed!  Please Help!

  • Coffee Hour Volunteers Needed

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Mainstreeter Online Weekly Blast

United Methodist congregations never stand alone – we're part of a connectional system. Our relationships, with other congregations, agencies, and ministries across the globe, are firmly rooted in our theology. Even the divine nature is relational as seen in the doctrine of the trinity. The connection mostly benefits us–it makes possible our impact beyond what any one congregation go do alone. And even things as mundane as insurance rates are negotiated with bulk discounts. Of course, there's also a lot of institutional structure that has to be maintained for good and for ill. And there's plenty of meetings involved in serving the greater mission of the denomination, not just the individual congregation. There have been times when United Methodist clergy desired to be more congregational but the theology doesn't mesh with our Wesleyan sensibilities. And of, course there are plenty of down sides to that organizational structure also.

One of the reasons so many United Methodist Women are on my saint list (of those who have made a positive mark on my life) is because of the way the connection informs their faith. Across the denomination, these women share reading lists, mission requirements, relationships forged and regional efforts to BE the church. There's always a story about how someone in need far from home was helped because of someone at their home church who made a connection with someone at that distant church.

Our annual church/charge conference will look a little different this year. There are eight congregations in the surrounding area coming together to order our lives and celebrate our ministries together. First UMC Manchester is hosting. I hope you'll join us on Nov 5 at 3 p.m. in this effort to cross-pollinate and be the UM church together.

If you're able to carpool with others, let the office know. We'll make sure everyone who needs one gets a ride.

Rev Kelly

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Youth Movie Night

October 29

Pizza and Movie - Free!

Parents & Guardians Welcome.

Special Guest:  Robert Kambo

The All Saints service is scheduled for Sunday, November 5th

Please send in any loved ones lost this past year that you'd like to honor this day.

We are also accepting names of our furry family members that were lost as well.

Photos welcomed.

Any name submitted will be honored in a special bulletin as well as on our slide projection that day.

Sign up for the Memorial Table - Click Here
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Some of the quotes we received from the last supper were:

"Excellent service and food"
"It was very lovely being waited on"
"Glad it is back"

"Food was delicious, the crew was friendly and welcoming"

We hope you will join us at the next supper on Saturday, November 4th,

and as always, volunteers are welcomed!!

We Need You!

Can you help out in the Nursery on Sunday's during Church School and Worship?  We Need You!  Some volunteers have already stepped up, however, we need more.  Many of the current volunteers already have many "jobs" in the congregation and we'd like to get some relief.

Please contact the Church Office if you can volunteer and make a difference in the lives of our littlest disciples.

To Volunteer Click Here

Please pray for families and loved ones and our neighbor state of Maine and those in Lewiston, Maine that have been affected by the recent mass shooting.  Please pray for the swift capture of the person of interest.

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Church office hours:  

Mon - Weds - Thurs - Fri from 9:00 - 2:00

Closed on Tuesdays.

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