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Mainstreeter Blast May 26, 2022

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A Message from Pastor Kelly
After the latest horrific killing of children in Texas, there's been an online discussion of "thoughts and prayers" versus "policy and change." For Methodists, it's not either/or, but both. Prayer is believed to have power, especially how it breaks the "pray-er" open to the suffering of the world and moves us to action. The Meditative Moment this week, available on our homepage and Facebook page is a litany written by Episcopal bishops praying for those who died in mass shootings over the last 4 years. It takes 23 minutes. So I invite you to light a candle and pray with me that we might be  inspired to action.

--Pastor Kelly


 Virtual Coffee Hour and Fellowship

Be sure to join us for our Virtual Coffee Hour and Fellowship Time following the 10:30 am service. 
We look forward to seeing you there!

We are looking for individuals (can also be couples, families) who would be interested in greeting/welcoming people to church on Sunday mornings.  The requirements are that you are able to  sit or stand in the lobby, direct people to worship, bathrooms and the elevator, and greet with enthusiasm.
If you are interested please contact the Main Office at
or Paul Pederzani at


Looking for someone who would be willing to be a building host for a piano recital on Saturday, June 11th from 3:30-6:30 pm.
This person would need to be willing to greet, and assist with families arriving for a piano recital.  It would be helpful to be familiar with the building, bathrooms, elevator and other church functions, should questions arise.  Training will be provided if needed. 

Other Needs:
· Funeral Coordinator— someone to coordinate funeral receptions.  Will work in conjunction with the Funeral Team.
· Usher Coordinator— someone to coordinate ushers for Sunday mornings.
If you are interested and available, please contact the Main Office at :

Honoring our Graduates
If you have a graduate that you would like to honor, please send the information and a photo to the Main Office:

Graduates will be honored during the June 12th Worship Service.  Please have information turned in by June 9th so that slides can be prepared for the service and names listed in the bulletin.  Thank you!

News from UMW

Spring Fling
Sunday, June 5th after worship
Front patio of church

We had so much fun at last year's outdoor Spring Fling that we are doing it again on Sunday, June 5th.  This will be an intergenerational event this year as the confirmands and families and mentors are invited as well.  It is Pentecost Sunday so wear red if you can.  Sack lunches will be served to keep it simple.  It will help us in planning seating and food if you Contact the office at 603-882-3361 or via email at to let us know you are coming. This will be a great day to  celebrate.
Next Meeting
Wed. June 15th, 2022
6:00 PM at Greeley Park

We are giving it a go to meet in Greeley Park, weather permitting.  Bring your own lawn chair and bug spray, supper or snack if you wish.


Joyful Celebration


The Weirs welcomed Micah Thomas into the world on Monday, May 16th! The kids are smitten, and everyone is doing well. Thank you for your prayers! We look forward to having Micah meet our church family soon.

Our hearts go out to Penny Solomon and her family as they grieve the death of her brother, Paul Schreiber. 
May they be comforted!
Mission updates for June 
Heart of Nashua Food Assistance Ministry:  We continue to shop for the Nashua Soup Kitchen Food Pantry, filling in items not provided by the NH Food Bank such as dried beans and extra rice.. Thank you for donating to the Letter Carriers' Food Drive! If you forgot to fill a bag or if your carrier didn't pick up, please bring that bag to church and we will make sure that it gets to our food pantry at the Nashua Soup Kitchen.

We brought back our Third Sunday Food Pantry May 15 at the Nashua Soup Kitchen!!!  Our Food Pantry team took care of some clients, several of whom were new to the pantry.  Since the pantry was held the day after the Letter Carriers' Food Drive, there was lots of sorting to do.  The team emptied and sorted over 40 postal bins of food! Since the third Sunday in June falls on Father's Day, we will not have a pantry that day.  Hope to be back in July.
Tools and Blankets Sunday June 19:  We will celebrate both mothers and fathers on June 19, Father's Day.  Those present in church will be able to honor parents or those who served as parents by writing names on a blanket/tool square and pinning it to the bulletin board at the front of the church.  Kids are welcome to draw a picture of a parent or grandparent and add it to the front.  A gift of $5 represents the purchase of a blanket or a tool.  If you can't be there in person, you are welcome to mail a check to the church and we will put up a square for you!


Plan ahead!  

September 10:  Water Walk at Greeley Park at 9 a.m.

September 17:  Multicultural Festival at Greeley Park

October date to be announced:  CROP Hunger Walk from Temple Beth Abraham

COVID Response Update:

The Safety/COVID Response team continues to meet regularly to examine our COVID-prevention protocols this week.  The revised protocols are listed below:

1)  Sunday morning and any gathering of more than 20 people:  Masks continue to be mandatory for people moving about in the building and attending worship on Sunday mornings.  This is the highest density gathering and highest risk of transmitting COVID during the week.  The Vestry church school class will remain fully masked.

2)  Singing:  all singing activities will remain masked, including the whole worship service and choir practice.

3)  Small groups (up to 20):  Once small group members have arrived and are settled in their designated meeting spaces, group leaders may elect to allow optional masking.  For the safety of the highest risk persons among us, this decision should be advertised before the group meeting, so that high risk persons may decide whether they wish to attend under those circumstances.  This decision making process should be based on the ability to create adequate physical distancing and should take into account group members' preferences.  If persons are unwilling to attend in person due to risk, all efforts should be made to include those persons through hybrid meeting technology

4)  Food:  Small groups (up to 20) may eat and drink during their meetings.  Trustees respectfully reminds groups that they are responsible for cleaning up their food waste, as has always been church policy.  Any food prepared in the kitchen at this time must be supervised by one of the church's ServSafe food managers.  

We continue to request that people do their utmost to keep from spreading COVID-19 in the church, as one expression of loving our neighbors.  This includes continuing the best practices of hand-washing, staying home when sick, masking in large gatherings, using air filtration/open windows, testing when symptoms are present, and following the most recent public health recommendations for during and after COVID infections. 

Adventure Quest

Has the Amazing Race come to Nashua?
Here at Stepping Stones, it looks that way!

Saturday, June 11th 2022

Enjoy friendly competition, creative challenges, delicious food, and, of course, a three mile tour of our beautiful city!
In this contest of wits and imagination, teams of four will participate in a series of fun challenges and solve clues that will take them to a variety of hotspots throughout the Nashua downtown area–Main Street and the Millyard. Prizes await the third, second, and first place winners, and all other
participants will join us at the end of the day for a cook-out.

Main Street UMC will be a stop on the Stepping Stones Adventure Quest to fight youth homelessness.  In just a few short years, Stepping Stones has successfully helped quite a few young people experiencing homelessness to get into job training programs and housing, helping to turn young lives around after hard beginnings.

Our stop on the course will include a duck tape boat making challenge in our garden area.

Please use the following link if you are interested in forming a team for the June 11th event:

Let's kickoff the summer in a MSUMC way!!!  Contact the Main Office to sign up or for questions:

April 2022 Financial Snapshot 

General Fund (GF)
Total GF Revenue from YTD Receipts Available 4/30/2022 YTD:           $175,472.08
Total GF Revenue Budgeted through 4/30/2022:                                    $156,630.96
Total GF Expenses Paid through 4/30/2022:                                             $155,419.39
Total GF Expenses Budgeted through 4/30/2022:                                   $161,879.44
Notes on General Fund
We are current on payments due through April.  Using donations for Missions and $10,000 in a bequest from Bill Hebel, we have paid New England and world mission shares through May.   We continue to be cautious in spending to ensure we can meet upcoming expenses on time.   Some pledges were paid in full for the year and have helped with cash flow.  
Heart of Nashua 1 & 2 (GiF) & HON Cont. (Capital Campaign/Elevator, Connector, Renovations) 
-  Balance due on HON Loan as of 4/30/2022:  $128,192.41 (Loan was $358,343.45)
-  In April the monthly payment of $883 was paid as well as $500 on the principal.  HON Cont. funds on hand 4/30/2022:  $9955.16.
-  Loan pay off date is 2/8/2039.
-  Total Paid (including interest) Using HON 1, 2 & Continued as of 4/30/2022:  $1,911,232.89 
Funding for the Future, 100 for $150 (Endowment) – Received this year as of 3/31/2022:  $1430
    Anyone can be one of 100 people or families giving $150 (or any amount) each year to grow our endowment for the future of this church.
Parsonage MortgageAs of 4/30/2022 we owed approximately $59,900 on the parsonage.  The parsonage mortgage will be paid off on 1/23/29.  
Thank You 
Thanks to all who support this congregation by their prayers, service, participation and financial donations.   All the support is very important.
Recent and Current Expenses
Just like most of us, the church has routine expenses for utilities for the church and the                parsonage.  In addition to utilities, the church pays for trash pick-up, copier contract, office and cleaning supplies, postage, elevator maintenance and testing, fire alarm testing, exterminator     services and various licenses plus salaries and Conference apportionments.  Our two loans are shown above.

Pastor's Sabbath Days:
Pastor Kelly: Tuesday
Pastor Kristy: Friday

Days to Reach Pastors
Pastor Kelly: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Pastor Kristy: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Mainstreet United Methodist Church · PO Box 1517 · Nashua, NH 03061-1517 · USA

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