Thursday, February 22, 2024

Mainstreeter Weekly Blast February 22, 2024

New in this Issue:

  • Plumbing is starting to be fixed today.  We will keep you posted via Facebook if we will have water on Sunday!  Prayers needed for a smooth repair process today!

  • Items that must be removed from basement!

  • UMM Meeting, Postponed - new date, March 9th

  • Lent Devotional on Climate & Faith Available

  • Breakfast Munchies needed for Sunday Confirmation Classes

  • Nora's new play - buy tickets now!

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59 days till General Conference in Charlotte, NC when delegates from all over the world will join to make decisions about the vision and future of the United Methodist denomination. Individuals, delegations, organizations, and officials have been working toward this GC for 6 years. There's lots of aspirational legislation to call us into a more inclusive, justice-loving church. There's admirable efforts at regionalization to address the colonial US-centered structure of the current design and allow regions more say in living their UM expression. There's an effort to revise the Social Principles which was developed with global voices over many years that reflects the divine call to center the least and left out. The Uniting Women of Faith have done powerful work to help congregations honor children and treat women equitably.

Amidst all these glorious efforts are those who have disaffiliated from the UMC who have pledged to be present disrupting the work and voting in ways to destroy the denomination. When we get dispirited by those efforts, we remind ourselves of our calling from Jesus, our Wesleyan roots for social witness (that's the subject of this Sunday's confirmation class), and the power the Holy Spirit provides to stand up to fear and stand in our story. We are the people centered in Loving Your Neighbor.  I invite you to be part of the work. Donate, volunteer, send dark chocolate....all of it will be necessary.

Pastor Kelly

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Below is our Lent Reflections submissions.

Are you a flipper, reseller, or just like to collect things?  We have the stuff for you!  We are cleaning out the basement area that needs to be abated for asbestos and have a few things that MUST GO!  In order for the floor to be abated and new flooring to be put down, we need these items gone by Friday, March 1st.

If they don't go by then, we need a volunteer that can take them to the dump!

Please contact the office if you are interested in any of these items and/or can volunteer to move them and take them to the dump!  Must be able to move them on your own or 2 people are recommended.

We are thrilled our project is underway and can't wait to see the finished results with no clutter!

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Due to the water in the church being turned off in the main church building, UMM will not meet on this Saturday the 17th.  Without water to use for cooking and cleaning up after our UMM meeting, we will postpone the meeting until Saturday, March 9th, so that we can continue our discussions on our UMM study on the feasibility of transforming MSUMC power to solar power in the future.  I have contacted Revision Energy and they have assigned an engineer to prepare a preliminary study about how we might go about a solar power transformation and we will address that at the next meeting. They will come to our church and review our roof suitability to hold solar panels and to look at where else we might place such panels on church property.  As stated previously, please come and bring anyone you know that might help us understand the basic information we might need to assist in this effort to include decisions that will be required to move forward.  I will provide more information on how Revision Energy conducts its work so we can understand what they are offering and what they cannot do.  At this point, there is no agreement for payment for any of their services until they do their formal presentation and our church decides whether or not to move forward with the project.

We have also received a request to provide funds for the lawncare for the church and the parsonage during 2024.  The church bill is $480 and the parsonage is $420.  These figures represent a discounted cost if we pay the bills by march 1st.  If you have any objection to us paying these bills this year please let me know by responding to this e-mail.  If we do not receive a majority of "no" votes by the end of February, we will go ahead and pay the bills this month.  

In Christ,

Kent Swanson

Thank you to the great team from MSUMC for the help on Sunday, Feb 18th at the Nashua Soup Kitchen - our efforts are definitely serving the community and paying it forward!

Please continue to drop off donations at 2 Quincy Street or in our bin in the connector lobby.  Cereal and peanut butter are always needed as well as laundry detergent and personal hygiene items.

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Closed on Tuesdays.

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