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Mainstreeter Weekly Blast March 7, 2024

New in this Issue:

  • Annual Reports now available.

  • New 6-week book study!

  • College Care Package Donations needed.

  • UMM Meeting, Saturday, March 9th - Change in Agenda Speaker

  • Help us Welcome new worshippers!

  • Nora's new play - buy tickets now!

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Our journey into the Lenten Dark Wood has invited us to reflect on how the experience of things, we would avoid if we could, might have gifts to offer. What new perspective might we see when considering things like the pandemic, the diminishing positive influence faith has in culture, or declining church attendance? 

How might we find the opportunity, the gift, the opening, this moment offers?--just 40+ days from GC, when 20% of US congregations have disaffiliated, when budgets and worship attendance have decreased? What might the urgency of this time offer us in noticing the values we hold most dear? How do these trying times refocus us on the inclusive, gospel good news we want to proclaim? 

Understanding that the "Leviathan of the big denomination and an obsession with growing and being the biggest has had its day." (as church historian and scholar Tom Frank wrote), how can we build something new together? How can we be grateful for the good the UMC has offered for 51 years through some turbulent times and work together to envision something leaner but also more international, more regional, more collaborative, and more diverse?

That's the work of the Love Your Neighbor Coalition -- representing 15+ UM-related caucus groups working together for justice and to assure the UMC is fully open to the presence, love and grace of God offered to all people. We commit to love each other and stay in relationship. You can financially support their work by clicking the button below.


Pastor Kelly

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Below is our Lent Reflections submissions.

Two-yr. old big brother, Mason, with baby sister, Terra Josephine. She was born Feb. 27. Parents are Mandy and Josh. Happy Grandparents are Pam and Paul Breniser!

Congratulations to the Breniser Family!

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9:00 am MEETING

Reminder that we will have our March 2024 Meeting of the UMM this Saturday, March 9th!  Though our program was going to be led by Re-Vision Energy Company who assisted the Church of the Good Shepherd in bringing solar power to their church, they are not ready to join us for a presentation but are preparing one for the near future.  We have been assigned a new engineer, Eric St. Pierre, who will be leading our study effort.

In a call this week, Eric has promised to send me some material for us to discuss Saturday as we continue to think about the feasibility for solar power for our church.  I will share that info with everyone so we can decide if we are a good fit for solar power.

Our meeting, as stated below, will begin at 8:30 a.m. with a hot breakfast followed by our meeting at 9:00 a.m.  Bring your questions for Eric and I will pass them on to Re-Vision Energy for answers before our next meeting. 

We have provided funds to the church to take care of their lawn care expenses this year at both the church and the parsonage per your guidance.  I received no negative replies to my request below for our support and the payments have been made.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.  Your presence is greatly appreciated.

In Christ,

Kent Swanson


Next meeting is March 20 7 PM, hybrid

PIE BAKING WORKSHOP - See details below.


In April watch for signup sheets for supplies for the Clean up buckets and Feminine Hygiene kits.  These will be assembled at our May meeting.

DISTRICT MEETING - Sat. April 13 -10-2

As soon as we get registration forms for the United Women in Faith meeting we are hosting, I will send those out as well as a signup sheet for tasks and baked goods.

March 20 - Google Meeting Link

The youth will pack and ship snacks to college students in April on behalf of MSUMC. We would appreciate donated prepackaged snacks such as granola bars, cracker sandwiches, cookies, microwave popcorn, hot cocoa, oatmeal packets, tea bags, Raman noodles, Starbucks $10 gift cards, and assorted chips, including the most popular Takis Chips. A box will be outside the office for your donations. We will also welcome monetary donations to defray the shipping & supplies costs. Please send a check payable to MSUMC and write Youth College Care on the memo line. If you know of any college students who would benefit from a Main Street Care Package, please email the name of the student, college address, year in college, and their Major to Karrie Lam, Youth Ministries Coordinator, at

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