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Mainstreeter Weekly Blast January 12, 2023

Mainstreeter Online Weekly Blast

As we enter into Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday weekend, we are reminded of his commitment, his power, his drive to cull out hate and injustice.

Friday, January 12th, Embrace Boston will be unveiled and dedicated to racial equality in the country's oldest public park in Boston. The Embrace is a 22-foot tall monument inspired by a loving embrace between Martin Luther King, Jr. and his wife Coretta Scott King after he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. MLK led many civil rights marches in Boston and in 1965 led one such march from Roxbury to the Boston Common where The Embrace will stand. When you visit, which I hope you will, you'll be able to walk under this large monument and "feel the embrace" around you. When you hug a loved one really tight, you can feel their heartbeat. Think of that feeling as you enter under The Embrace. The hearts of the King's embracing in that moment of celebration, of love.

When you look at The Embrace, you get the feeling of "Love, Hope, and Belonging" states the executive director of the endeavor. Looking at the monument, there are several things that stand out. One being, there are 3 places where the arms touch the ground (creating somewhat of a triangle frame). I think, one for Love, one for Hope, and one for Belonging. You can mix these words up, but you can't take one away; take one away, and the whole thing will falter. We must never give up the fight for Love, the fight for Hope, the fight for Belonging.

This weekend, let us be inspired to work as a community and make a difference, show kindness, spread love, hope and belonging, and remember to "always fight with Love."

~ Jodi Bencks

Office Assistant

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Thanks to all who attended Ian's Celebration of Life last Saturday, January 7th. As a group, our church showed Ian's family how truly loved and cherished he was in our community. Below is a memory of Ian and Brenda shared by one of our members:

Memories of Ian and Brenda Clarke-Pounder

Shared by Mercedes Cernuda

In 1995-1996 I embarked in a 34 week "Disciple I" class, (Bible Study) led by Pastor Dave and 12 students attended, I recall, as we'd joke and say we were the 12 Disciples. Of the 12, I have a vivid account of Ian and Brenda as they made a huge impact in my life at Main Street and life in general; Brenda would have cut outs of scripture verses for me on a weekly basis when we met on Tuesday evenings, and from that point on, I received a Christmas card annually with Poems enclosed.

I'll share one of their poems that I keep in my Bible still to this day, as it relates to our "Connected to the Light" series. Brenda underlined key verses and I'll underline them as well...

God Will Send His Light

When difficult periods in my life

Seem dark and lonely as the night,

I know that deep within my heart

God will send His loving light.

He will guide me safely through

These times of great despair

And will take away my sorrows

And burdens that I bear.

When troubled waters come my way

And things aren't going right

I know deep within my heart

That God will send His light.

My heart is filled with assurance

That God's light will forever shine

in this world so deeply troubled.

And in every heart, and in mine.

by Shirley Hile Powell

Brenda and Ian Clarke-Pounder were very dear to me and I will always cherish the memories and be forever grateful for their light, love and gentle spirit that God bestowed upon my life by their presence for many years. I will miss Ian's big hugs. Ian also continued to send me poems after Brenda passed. A truly special couple. May they rest in eternal peace.

Love in Christ,

Mercedes Cernuda

United Methodist Women News

Next Meeting Jan. 18, 2023

7 PM Virtually via Google Meets

Our UMW meeting next week will be totally virtual this time. This is our meeting to finalize our budget for 2023. You can find out the great local and global charities and missions we support and give your input. We will also discuss ideas for programs for the coming months and if there's time, watch a TED Talk, topic to be determined.

All are welcome. Hope to "see" you there!

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As the community may or may not know, Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter is now running a temporary warming shelter at 2 Quincy Street. It is open 24 hours during cold and inclement weather, so they are going through a LOT of warming drinks, and are serving more folks at breakfast. There is an immediate need for the following items:

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Join Pastor Kelly, this Saturday, January 14th at 6:00 PM for this

MLK Celebration at the First Baptist Church in Nashua.

The Trustees are requesting for someone to attend this session on grant money available for sacred places. This session will be informative to see how MSUMC might qualify for funding to repair our stained glass windows.

Learn More Here
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UNH Extension Master Wellness Volunteer Program

Sign Up Due Date: January 24, 2023

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