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Mainstreeter Weekly Blast February 2, 2023

Mainstreeter Online Weekly Blast

One of the things we learned during the pandemic was how to have on-line classes. And because we're all zooming in from some distant location, our speakers didn't have to be local. And because we couldn't host all the regional get-togethers with the travel and hosting expenses, the Conference was able to pool the resources from all the district training days into one big-name speaker. And the speaker they chose was the Rev. Brian Mclaren, author of Faith After Doubt and Do I Stay Christian: A Guide for Doubters, the Disappointed and the Disillusioned.

And because Brian brings such wisdom and experience to the work across multiple denominations, he had way too much material for just one session. Just how long can you reasonably be expected to ZOOM for? So we had a series of classes over the entire year of 2022, with content from Brian but also some small group discussion in online "break-out rooms" featuring others from across the Annual Conference. And there was all this "bonus" material like research, articles, surveys and videos that we were "encouraged" to digest before class.

Peggy Drew, Pam Breniser and myself took the class together; they did a much better job of reviewing all the bonus material. Much of the material confirmed trends visible long before the pandemic that we had refused to take seriously. Other information was developing over the time-frame of the class, and we were trying to reflect on the new realities churches face.
The class asked us to face some hard truths about the growing and now largest demographic in America -- those who consider themselves "spiritual-but-not-religious." So when we were designing this "Connected to the Light" series with the SBRN folks in mind, we knew the wisdom from the class would come in somewhere.

Enter this week's preacher, Pam B. whose credentials you all know as a life-long United Methodist, a former staff member, and Director of Christian Education at Main Street UMC, as the current President of the United Methodist Women and the designer of all the worship visuals in the sanctuary. She won't be able to share the breadth of material we covered, but I'm excited to hear her focus on some of the key things we'll need to understand about the post-pandemic church environment. Join us on Sunday for that, and for Holy Communion, where we enact the welcoming table of Christ, live into his vision of wide-welcome and participate in a foretaste of the kingdom of light and liberation.

~ Pastor Kelly

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We are excited that more people have joined our team for the Nor'ester on Sunday, Feb 26 after service (noon after a quick lunch). The deadline for our team is quickly approaching, so use the button below to JOIN our team! It's always fun and challenging with stops along the way and exercises (and social media assignments) that relate to their ministries. OR donate to the cause of helping the United Way support all the wonderful non-profit agencies in town. Each of us needs to raise at least $50. On donations to MSUMC, mark Nor'easter or put our team name: Frosty Frogs! You can donate using the button below as well!


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Tuesday, Feb 7, 2023, 7:00 PM

The Beauty of Gender Diversity;

Conversation with Author Rachel Cornwell

Daring Adventures: Helping Gender Diverse Kids and their families; Meet with Mom, Author, and Advocate Rachel Cornwell to discuss new book. Come join the conversation as we highlight, celebrate, and learn more about caring for and nurturing our gender diverse kids.

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Snow Spikes are recommended for this walk. They can be found at LL Bean Factory Outlet, exit 6. Steve works from 11 - 5:00 on Friday's and can help if needed.

As the community may or may not know, Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter is now running a temporary warming shelter at 2 Quincy Street. It is open 24 hours during cold and inclement weather, so they are going through a LOT of warming drinks, and are serving more folks at breakfast. There is an immediate need for the following items:

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