Thursday, November 16, 2023

Mainstreeter Weekly Blast November 16, 2023

New in this Issue:

  • Consecration Sunday! Bring in your pledges, or pledge online today!

  • Ladies night tonight in Downtown Nashua!

  • New Vestry Class Announcement

  • Lots of Volunteer Opportunities!

  • UMW Giving Basket Link

  • Gifts for the King - Missions for December - Birthday Bags

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Mainstreeter Online Weekly Blast

There's lots going on around the building this week, not the least of which is that we're getting ready for the Holiday Stroll with thousands of visitors coming through the building for 3 different concerts, for kids art activities, and for food concessions.

The trustees are working to get things set for our visitors (including putting up the trees Saturday). The building seems to keep adding things that need attention in anticipation of the crowds. How annoying. And the basement asbestos abatement bids are coming in slower than hoped. So we continue to share space with the groups who have used the basement.

Still, we're looking forward to welcoming everyone. This Sunday, Pam leads the greening of the church and the UMW will feed folks for the task. Missions are planning a sneaker take-back event Dec 3 to advertise at the Stroll and Jodi is working hard to tell the MSUMC story on our bulletin boards. Jerry has created a video clip publicizing our Advent series and Paul is leading the crew to set-up and welcome folks. 

New this year, we'll be offering a meditative space in the chapel with an invitation to light a candle and offer prayers for peace. The pews now line the walls to make the chapel more usable by groups, folks with mobility impairments and parents with strollers. We have long wanted the chapel to serve as a sacred space but the pews in the center of the room proved to be in the way. Over the last few years we've seen that arrangement be inadequate for small services and for grieving families who couldn't use the space to gather before funerals. With the new arrangement, the space also held the prayers of the UMW Wednesday night and next Sunday it will  host the spiritual meditation practices of the "Right Here, Right Now" group.

If you can join us on Holiday Stroll night to welcome the community in hospitality, song, kids fun, food and prayer, please do so (or avoid the crowds and come early to help set up). It's not often we have an opportunity to be part of such a huge community event.

AND oh yeah, it's Consecration Sunday. PLEASE bring in your pledge card or drop it by Friday. We want to bless all our plans for 2024. Thanks to all those who already sent in your pledges (online or physical cards).


Rev Kelly

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Join Pastor Kelly and Jodi for ladies night.  

TONIGHT in downtown Nashua.  

Be at the church promptly at 5:00 PM for a

fun night out on the town!

Let the Office know if you plan on coming. 603-882-3361

Support Nora Campbell and her MMS Drama Club Comedy

"The Bugs"

Nora plays one of the lead honeybees who takes charge in helping the bugs stop the Human from building a swimming pool in their habitat.  

The Link for Tickets is below for shows on Fri, Nov 17 and Sat, Nov 18 at 7:00 PM.  Tickets are $10/per person.

Click Here to Buy Tickets

Granite State Ringers Concert Series is back and at a location near you! Three of our church members are part of the GSR!  The first concert is November 26 at the LaBelle Winery in Amherst.  This is the closest location to Nashua and your support for our members by attending would be greatly appreciated!  

This event has sold out every year since 2019!  Buy your tickets in advance!

For ticket information, click the link below!

Concert Info & Tickets Click Here
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For those who wish to join the class online, click the button below.

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Thanksgiving mailer and 2024 Stewardship cards were sent in the mail last week.  There are several ways this year to easily make your 2024 pledge to MSUMC:

  1. Return 2024 Pledge Card from mailer to the church via regular mail

  2. Scan the QR Code below*

  3. Click the link below*

When you fill out the form online, it will only be shared with Financial Secretary.

Click Here to make your 2024 Pledge Online
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Let Karrie know if you would like to participate in any of these youth and family gathering opportunities!


So far, our volunteer pool is very small.  For over 40,000 visitors to Main Street in Nashua during this event, we need all hands on deck!  Please consider signing up for a 2-hour time slot to help out your church community welcome all of these visitors.

We are one of the only, if not the only spot on Main Street that has kids activities available for free and gives out "warm" hot chocolate to the kids.

Let's open our arms and help out to give back to the community!

To Volunteer Click Here

We Need You!

Can you help out in the Nursery on Sunday's during Church School and Worship?  We Need You!  Some volunteers have already stepped up, however, we need more.  Many of the current volunteers already have many "jobs" in the congregation and we'd like to get some relief.

Please contact the Church Office if you can volunteer and make a difference in the lives of our littlest disciples.

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Church office hours:  

Mon - Weds - Thurs - Fri from 9:00 - 2:00

Closed on Tuesdays.

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